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Brand it!

A professional site image is a must.


Our use of Wisa Paintply boards provides a superior finish in any colour that suites your corporate image - one colour boards matched to your RAL come at no extra cost, should you want stripes in additional colours we can accomodate this too at a reasonable extra cost.


One of the most radical parts of the hoard-it system is the ‘print-direct’ panel. Print direct means that, when adding messages or advertising to your hoarding, the image is printed directly on to our specially prepared board.

Once again this reduces installation time, as the printing is done before the boards go on site. They are printed to enable removal of graffiti and are resistant to UV rays. We can also install to offer continuous artwork or colour matching outer steels.


A new concept from the hoard-it team are 3mm pvc foam infill panels that are clamped in position by the uprights in front of the ply boards. Lightweight but robust they offer ease of installation, high quality graphics and the ability to change your message over the duration of  the project without having to break the bank or employ another subcontractor to retro fit.


All boards are pre-sealed to prevent water ingress and extend life.

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